What Gola Have to say about cwtchy cwtchy. February 16 2014

Cwtchy Cwtchy

Fashion can seem like quite a cruel place; with the idea that the only way to look amazing in an outfit is by starvation.  One person who is shunning this idea is designer Sonia Edwards, with her new brand Cwtchy Cwtchy.  The concept is simple, yet genius, and in fact, has been protected by intellectual property rights, meaning no one can copy what is described as the “unique, distinctive cornerstone of the brand”.

The concept is this: the waistband of clothing is cut into a ‘V’ shape, creating an optical illusion of longer legs and a nipped in waist; whilst flattering and enhancing the wearer’s natural curves.

Cwtchy Cwtchy’s signature ‘V’ shapes appear to be a natural progression; with Sonia having always been intrigued with the idea of optical graphic techniques and the French ‘trompe l’oeil’ (deceive-the-eye); resulting in the creation of forced perspectives and three-dimensional optical illusions in both form and shape.

Although an extremely new brand; Cwtchy Cwtchy offers an extensive collection, ranging from skirts and leggings to swimwear, all offering the flattering ‘V’ waistline.  Sonia’s clever designs have made it so that the clothing can either be worn separately with other brands; or can be mixed-and-matched with other pieces of the Cwtchy Cwtchy range; with many pieces able to connect via hooks and buttons.

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2013, What a year. December 31 2013

looking back it 2013 seemed to have pass by in the blink of an eye, and here we are on the brink of the eve of  waving good night to 2013 and saying good morning to 2014. 
2013 was a trying tough year for Cwtchy Cwtchy, another year in which I was presented with more strings to add to my bow, some of these strings were presented in the cruelest of ways.
My understanding of the fashion industry is expanding week by week month by month year by year, I do believe it is an industry where learning will never stop, it changes rapidly, its hard to keep up. 
Optimism is one of my golden keys I use in my every day life, but it is also used in business. I do wonder had I not had this ability to remain optimistic would i have been defeated.
I'm strangely thankful for those who have deceived and taken advantage of my sincere business judgments, as this has shown me the dirty side of the industry which I have needed to see. This isn't something I was taught to deal with as I am coasting along on life experiences and certain lessons I have had to learn to gain progression, each and everyone are blessings in disguises, valuable experiences if not assets in which I can invested in to my knowledge bank in business.   
You can't buy experiences like these, and experiences like these are ones which shouldn't be forgotten as they could  be the saviour of your future judgments with in your business.  
                                            Replace the negative mind set with the positivity, it's all good and carry on.