About Cwtchy Cwtchy

Cwtchy Cwtchy set out to design garments that would be unlike anything else. 
To begin with Cwtchy Cwtchy created a unique structured waistband this exquisite design has now set the foundations for a robust cornerstone design for the brand. The configurations of the signature belong exclusively to Cwtchy Cwtchy which makes the signature garments unique and rare. 
You can only find these designs at Cwtchy Cwtchy and a few exclusive boutiques.
All of our garments are made in the UK giving you a taste of the very best of British quality. 
We wanted to create unique designs and cuts as opposed to taking mundane garments and applying print. Using block coloured fabrics we have enabled the designs to speak for them self’s in their own exclusive unique language.
Our designs step out and up with an element of finesse and originality. 

Why V's? 
The captivating V's collection offer a complete new way of dressing. The V shapes can lay alongside the bone structure, not only creating comfort from the dreaded muffin top (that’s if you have one)
The V configurations also create the French ‘trompe l’oeil’ (deceive-the-eye) architecture which creates forced perspectives and three dimensional optical illusions in form and shape creating illusions of a longer legs a nipped in waistline also a perter bottom.
The prominent V shapes are drawing ones mind’s eye to the centre of the female form. 
Already Cwtchy Cwtchy 's exquisite exclusive designs can be seen to be inspiring a wide variation of designers. Prominent V shape structures are shouting out everywhere you look. 
Amongst Cwtchy Cwtchy's alluring designs and prominent diamond and V cuts Cwtchy Cwtchy have certainly set the way we view the waistline for ever. 
Cwtchy Cwtchy clothing have be seen to be demonstrating what women want from their clothes. Have a read of some of the reactions, statements made by Women who love Cwtchy Cwtchy. 
Cwtchy Cwtchy told us that most women's reactions have been "Wow".

Women who love Cwtchy Cwtchy have said:
“I love the way the V shape makes my bum look shapelier.”
“My waist is so tinny.”
“I'm so curvy.”
“These V's don't cut across my tummy.”
“Look how long my legs are.”
“They really hold you in.”
“These are genius.”